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Why Mary Hall?

  Mary was elected Thurston County Auditor in 2013 and again in 2014 and 2018. She has run the office efficiently and transparently. In 2022, she is seeking reelection for a third full term.
  • Mary is a strong leader in the Auditor's office and Thurston County.
  • What will Mary do in her next term? Continue saving taxpayer dollars while maximizing county resources to provide the best customer service. Work to break down barriers to voting, increase voter participation, and ensure your vote is protected.
  • As we continue to recover form the Pandemic's effects, Mary will work closely with the team of elected officials at Thurston County and our local jurisdictions to support a strong community for all. 

Mary is an award winning Auditor:

  • 2021 NACO (National Association of County Officials) Achievement Award - COVID Response in Elections - 2020 Drive thru voting and Ballot Processing Center
  • 2020 Auditor of the Year Award - from Kim Wyman, former Secretary of State
  • 2020 Presidents Award for Outstanding Service - Washington Association of County Auditors
  • 2020 Community Leadership award - Leadership Thurston County
  • 2020 NACO Achievement Award - Cybersecurity Initiative

Since being elected Mary has:

  • Formed an award winning cybersecurity task force and worked with Homeland Security to ensure your vote is safe.
  • Has made the Ballot Processing Center more secure than ever.
  •  Worked to break down barriers to voting by advocating for voter access legislation and stronger audits.
  • Began publishing local voters pamphlets for special elections.
  • Opened additional drop boxes making it more convenient for voters to return their ballots.
  • Cut the wait time from 4 – 6 weeks to same day for vehicle and vessel titles by introducing Quick Title services.
  • Has saved the county tens of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of vendor discounts and changing how and when we pay vendors.
  • Due to clean financial audits, Mary Hall has moved Thurston County from high risk to low-risk category saving tens of thousands of dollars in audit costs.
  • Rewrote materials in plain language to make government documents easier to understand.
  • Broke down silos working across departments in the county sharing resources.

Mary has the proven leadership and experience needed to move the county forward and ensure our voting systems are safe. Vote to Re-Elect Hall for Auditor on November 8, 2022


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